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How to Fix Broken Makeup: The 3 Easiest Tutorials of All Time

How to Fix Broken Makeup: The 3 Easiest Tutorials of All Time

  • May 30, 2022
  • Posted By : LORYN
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I'm still sad about the time I shattered my favorite limited-edition powder blush in college. My then-roommate, now-best-friend Ellie told me she had a ~genius~ trick for fixing broken makeup-and after performing legit surgery on my compact for a couple hours, we actually pieced it back together. The only caveat? It was no longer a soft, rosy-pink hue-instead, it was this neon, shockingly bright shade (which,) did learn a lesson though: (1) Don't be clumsy AF with your favorite products and (2) actually-and carefully!-learn how to fix broken makeup before you totally botch it and it's too late.

Ahead, I rounded up the three most foolproof tutorials for fixing everything from powder bronzers to creamy lipsticks (plus, everything you'll need to get the job done right).

Presenting: The most tried-and-true method for fixing broken powder makeup. All you'll need is some rubbing alcohol,flat eyeshadow brush, and a few cotton rounds (all of which I basically guarantee you already own). Here's what you'll do:

  • Step 1: Take some rubbing alcohol and pour it into a mini spray bottle-anything with a super-fine mist will do. The goal is to make things a bit easier for yourself in step two.
  • Step 2: Lightly spray the alcohol on your product and, using your fingertips, gently tap the powder until it's smooth. Don't rush things here-take your time and go back and forth between spraying and tapping until the powder is totally smooth.
  • Step 3: Clean up the outside of your compact or palette with a damp cotton round, and then tidy up the edges with a flat eyeshadow brush (you can spray it with a little alcohol for good measure).
  • Step 4: Wait at least two hours for the powder to dry-the longer, the better-and it should look as good as new.

Psst-here's what you'll need:

How to fix broken powder makeup without alcohol

If you're a little hesitant to spray your broken makeup with rubbing alcohol (no shade!), you'll love this easy alternative. This one works great on any powder formula and, since there's no liquid involved, you can try it as many times as you please-no need to worry about damaging your product permanently. So grab a spatula, a coin (DW, I'll explain), an  eyeshadow brush, and get ready to follow these steps: 
  • Step 1: Using the tip of your spatula, gently break up your powder until it's completely crushed. This may feel a little counterintuitive, but trust the process.
  • Step 2: Depending on the surface area you're working with, cover a quarter or nickel with saran wrap, press it onto the powder, and hold it for 10 seconds. Slowly release the coin and smooth over the area with your finger tip.
  • Step 3: Dip your eyeshadow brush in water or rubbing alcohol, and gently sweep it around your compact to clean up the edges. And voila!
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