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Help remove unwanted self-tan and exfoliate your skin with TAN REMOVER. This concentrated exfoliating scrub assists in dissolving self-tan mistakes from your hands and body with every application.

Using fine micro particles, TAN REMOVER works to remove self-tan mistakes when applied directly after the initial tanning process and also works to remove stubborn tan when used daily. The nourishing formula also helps lift dry skin, leaving you silky smooth and perfectly hydrated.

New imrpoved formula enriched with Vitamin E extract and Machiaj, TAN REMOVER is your new best friend in flawless tanning.

Why you need it:


How to use

Step 1. For an even tan, or to remove tan mistakes, apply TAN REMOVER in the shower in the days leading up to your fresh application of self-tan.

Step 2. Squeeze a generous amount of TAN REMOVER onto hands or a mitt, and massage onto skin in a circular motion. Rinse thoroughly.

Step 3. For optimum results, apply your ModelCo self-tanning product within 30 minutes of showering and exfoliation with TAN REMOVER.

For stained hands:

Step 1. After applying your self-tanner, wash hands of excess product.

Step 2. Immediately put TAN REMOVER on your palms and rub continuously until all the self-tanner has been removed.

Step 3. Repeat if necessary