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Get bouncy volume and curls in mid to long length hair with the Scunci Medium Round Volume Brush (45mm). When used alongside your hair dryer, the thermal, ceramic barrel heats up and retains heat, heating and setting your hair, adding volume and curls as you dry. The bristles are also ionic – which help to reduce static and eliminate frizz, leaving you with bouncy, glamorous hair!
Best for mid to long length hair.

Top Tips

  • Point your hair dryer downwards on the lengths of your hair whilst drying (Hint: use a nozzle on your dryer to direct the heat towards the targeted area of hair with ease).
  • For volume and lift at the roots, brush your hair up from the roots, away from your scalp and direct the heat from your dryer toward the roots for a few seconds.
  • To add curl - While you are drying the lengths, wrap your hair around the barrel of the brush loosely and direct the heat from your dryer towards the hair for a few seconds. Before you remove the brush, set your blow dryer to its cool setting and blast the hair around the brush for a couple of seconds to help the curl set. To create lovely loose curls, carefully unravel your hair by twisting the brush away from your head in the opposite direction, so it leaves a twist in your hair. Repeat this process a few times until the curl starts to set in your hair.