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The world most famous brands together to create the ultimate beauty accessories gift set to set you up for the best make you have ever done.


1 x TBX Beauty Travel Case & Magnetic Plate

1 x TBX Highlighter Fan Brush Magnet End

1 x TBX Foundation Buffer Brush with Magnetic Handle

1 x TBX Make Up Brush Brow Definer with Magnetic Handle


TBX Brow Definer Brush

Use this soft, angled brush to apply makeup to your eyebrows for brows that wow. Clearly state and define your brows with this soft, angled, natural fibre bristles with magnetic handle.

Eyebrow · Angled 

TBX Travel Case

The compact top quality travel case with magnetic plate to store your brushes and attach any metal appliance to.

To prevent brushes rolling off the bench and on to the ground (where they can pick up dirt and bacteria), this metal plate uses the magnetic function of TBX brushes to stand them upright on the plate. 

A smaller, more compact version of the TBX Clique, the travel-friendly TBX Plate is engineered using high-grade metal and finished with a matte black coating. The plate comes complete with a stylish mesh case for transport and four rubberised feet to prevent the plate from slipping from any surface.


  • 1 x Metal Plate
  • 1 x Mesh Case

TBX Fan Highlighter Brush      

Let the magnetic Fan Highlighter Brush bring out your best features. Highlight your cheekbones, nose and décolletage with this soft natural hair brush. This feather-light fan brush softly and seamlessly applies powders, highlighters, and blush to give you that desired glow. 

Use for: 
- Powder highlighter 
- Can also be used for bronzer, blush, finishing powder, or to sweep away eyeshadow fallout 

Why Magnetic? 
Magnetic makeup brushes have many benefits compared to non-magnetic brushes, including: 
- Hygienic storage, no transferring of bacteria or product mess between brushes 
- Less likely to be damaged or squashed out of shape 
- Extends the life of the brush 
- Fast drying after washing 
– Just hang upside down on the TBX Clique Brush Holder! 
- Your whole brush collection can be stored in one convenient and easy to reach place 
- Looks great on display in any bedroom or bathroom 

Magnetic - This brush features a Magnetic Base, which means is can be stored and displayed on any metal surface – we recommend the TBX Clique Brush Holder or the TBX Metal Plate. Natural Bristles – Natural bristles are more porous than synthetic bristles and are ideal for applying powder products. Natural bristles will not deposit the product onto the skin all at once, which makes them ideal for applying and blending powder products evenly. - Aluminium ferrule - Fan shaped

TBX Foundation Buffer Brush

Feel the difference with this exotic quality Foundation brush. Luxury at an affordable price.

This must have accessory will change the way you apply makeup and take you to the next level.

The Beauty Exchange Foundation Buffer Brush:  to  polish & give grainless finish of high lustre.